Friday, January 01, 2021

Twenty years @ Twenty-one closes with Laura at the Library

The Ghosts of Italy's in the stack!

At the very close of twenty years of adventures at 21 via Fontana I found THIS image on Laura at the Library’s Instagram feed; The Ghosts of Italy in her latest book stack.

The Ghosts of Italy (2016) is in extraordinary company here, in 2020 — stacked with a host of recently celebrated (traditionally published) authors: Douglas Stuart's Booker Prize winning novel, Shuggie Bain, Katherin May's, Wintering, and US Poet Laureate Natasha Tretheway's Memorial Drive. 👀

Laura at the Library and I have shared the same tastes in books on her feed before and have had a bit of fun with the wide-eyes emoji...👀 But this list, this stack has me speechless.

Seeing The Ghosts of Italy included with these books in Laura's reading stack made *perennially challenged* 2020 go out with a certain literary flourish for this indie author. This may only be the beginning — Laura hinted Still Life With Saints is up next. Please stay tuned.

The Ghosts of Italy was a Library Journal curated selection for the Indie Author Project (IAP) Commercial Collections Memoirs Program for Queens Public Library and Garden City Public Library, New York.