Thursday, September 06, 2012

I Promessi Sposi, From Kent to Calitri to Marry

Karen & Pete with grandson Freddy walk to Calitri's Town Hall

   Here they are! Karen & Pete fresh from County Kent (rich in history from Roman occupation to William the Conquerer) to marry in Calitri's Town Hall.  

With a leisurely & traditional 'marriage Italian style' walk to their destination down 'la strada dei piedi' through the always packed Thursday Farmer's Market, they attracted a lot of attention. From, Isn't she lovely? To, Where are the confetti?

Many locals in the town then asked, why Calitri? 

Karen & Pete explained they chose to marry here to experience on their wedding day what they love best about their vacation village - namely the slow life of easy hospitality, conviviality and traditions, not to mention the fabulous food. 

 I was originally asked to serve as their official photographer to be sure their nuptials were recorded with confidence and flair ... Then what with Karen being so far from 'home' and following her often hilarious details about what documents timbres and maddening paperwork was required by the Italian Government offices in Rome (going as far back as her Great grandparents birth records, need I say more?) it soon became increasingly clear that she needed a hand in planning all the rest.  

Soon it occurred to me, as all the little ladies of the lane, who have lovingly looked after me for years (like so many grandmothers) and all secretly wish I was 'settled' - one by one looked at me with that combination of ah well and maybe next time, a sort of  'questa la vita' tossed to la zitella, just before an exclamation as bold as a lioness was shouted out to confirm that, when I get married she will cover the entire length of  via Fontana with fresh flowers - I realized that gee, it was I who wanted to be the first 'straniera' to marry in Calitri.  Mom?
 ... e questa la vita ... 

 After celebratory aperitivi & biscotti with the Mayor before leaving the Town Hall, an intimate private lunch was held with the family at Le Strettole Country House B&B catered to perfection with 'Km 0' products and flowers from local producers around Calitri's immediate Alta Irpinia countryside.  Yes, even the weather held up for most of their day...

Later that evening a full on neighborhood party was held nella piccola stradina in front of their door with as many local friends and neighbors as possible in attendance. Dancing and music continued till early light.
Tanti auguri!