Saturday, September 19, 2009

(San) Canio's Books

Ran into Maryann Calendrille, an old friend and Southampton College alumni, who owns the best bookstore in Sag Harbor, Canio's Books - which is thoroughly ironic since San Canio is the patron saint of Calitri. Will be meeting the original owner Canio Pavone on Monday. Turns out he is a descendant of Acerenza, a hill town southeast of Calitri and returns every year for their festa for San Canio on May 25th. How's that for a coincidence??

'Sag Harbor, the old whaling port on the south fork of Long Island, is second only to Greenwich Village as America’s premiere literary village. From early visitors James Fenimore Cooper and Herman Melville to twentieth-century settlers like John Steinbeck and Wilfrid Sheed, this unique town has been a magnet for America’s best writers, journalists, and playwrights. Canio's Books has been gathering place for writers and artists for more than 25 years.' ... MC