Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas from via Fontana

Auguri di buon natale from Calitri — quiet and surreal.

As Italy is on full lockdown over these two holiday weekends, no family gatherings—a tough request for Italians, in this toughest of years, this morning is the quietest I have ever heard in Calitri. It feels like the world has shut down—not just the town, or the country. Much quieter than before...

As Italian Presidente del Consiglio Giuesppe Conte said in his Christmas address, 
“Un natale diverso, ma non meno autentico.”

Yet — This year has brought so much extraordinary creativity to light over all social media that it hardly seems we were alone at all. I feel particularly fortunate to have met my goal of publishing Still Life With Saints, with the help of my global team (!) of book and website designer Doug da Silva and editor Elen Turner who both worked virtually with patience and confidence. Very thankful for it and grateful for them, and all of you.

Merry Christmas from via Fontana.
May 2021 bring us all new hope and dreams.