Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lenzuolo su balcone....

June in Calitri

Warm summer breezes, pale blue sheets, and a host of marshmallow clouds just over my balcony. I sit here after a brief afternoon nap contemplating nothing, waiting for my ship to come in, literally.

Domani, or doppo domani, we all know in Italy nothing is within our control.

So when the plates and silverware have stopped clinking, I'll begin my stroll through the quiet lanes of la Cascina and the Centro Storico, wandering and waiting for the town to re-emerge from it's post-pranzo reposo.

This blog-post today comes one month after the feast of Sant'Antonio on June 13 and the lovely mini procession that slowly winds right by my door on via Fontana. From June 1st to the 13th church bells are rung by hand each afternoon from his little chiesetta at the base of the hill.

The sound of their music permeates the atmosphere for nearly an hour, then vespers are sung by village elders. Until the feast day, when two masses are said in the overflowing small yellow church. Afterwards bags of fresh baked and blessed bread, the bread of Sant'Antonio, are passed through the crowd.