Monday, May 17, 2010

Cento Passi

This summer Codella Consulting will hold my Creative English Classes in the far upper reaches of the Centro Storico of Calitri inside a restored room in the 16th century Palazzo Nicolais in vico Tornillo - takes one hundred stone stairs (cento passi) straight up! to arrive from my front door in La Cascina. Ostiatim... The vico Tornillo Palazzo is one of the last remaining intact Palazzo's in the village with 20 rooms, 3 grottoes, even a small chapel...and one of the first places I explored in the old village by permission of La Portressa (in the foto below), camera in hand - ten years ago

'Cento Passi' - a personal play on words is, I found out, an important Italian documentary film
whose protagonist, the poet Peppino Impastato, dedicated his life to speaking out against the Sicilian Mafia, and suffered the consequences. They said the distance between the poet's house and the house of his zio - a reputed mafiso - was 100 steps...
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'Tra la casa di Peppino Impastato e quella di Gaetano Badalamenti ci sono cento passi.'